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  1. Anon 26.05.19

    . “You don’t fear death, you welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe little Spidey !! »

  2. Anon 26.05.19

    this movie will make ߗA LOT OF MONEY!!!!

  3. Anon 26.05.19

    Hmmm.... This is\nMatching up with the leak details almost point for point\n\nAlso this does not look like lethal protector or planet of the symbiotes which they said it was adapting \nYou can't just put it in San Fran and name drop the life foundation and say its lethal protector.\n \nLes Veuves is way too small \nThe eyes don't look right \nThe tounge is all wrong\n\nAnd I bet that we are Les Veuves scene is at the very end of the movie

  4. Anon 26.05.19

    When the symbiote says 'we are Les Veuves' it sounds like the crysis suit

  5. Anon 26.05.19

    Seems legit

  6. Anon 26.05.19

    Now that's more like it.

  7. Anon 26.05.19


  8. Anon 26.05.19


  9. Anon 26.05.19

    Can’t stop replaying the part where he transforms into Les Veuves

  10. Anon 26.05.19

    Les Veuves: We are Les Veuves\nMe: I am Batman

  11. Anon 26.05.19

    I'm honestly excited now!

  12. Anon 26.05.19

    Ths is gonna blow, im calling it......\nJust give the freaking rights to marvel already....

  13. Anon 26.05.19

    I could've sworn I had pants on a moment ago...

  14. Anon 26.05.19

    Great job sony! I hope this movie going to be good because this looks awesome

  15. Anon 26.05.19

    This just looks amazing.

  16. Anon 26.05.19

    The CGI is like spiderman 3 but better and awesome!

  17. Anon 26.05.19

    Tom hardy fan for life

  18. Anon 26.05.19

    I hope he kills spiderman

  19. Anon 26.05.19

    He sounds like Adam Sandler

  20. Anon 26.05.19

    So this time Les Veuves is good guy lol

  21. Anon 26.05.19

    Well this looks stupid as hell

  22. Anon 26.05.19

    looks like monster from spawn.

  23. Anon 26.05.19

    Why doesn’t the face look more like the comics or old cartoons am I the only one that hates the way the eyes and mouth look so far?

  24. Anon 26.05.19

    I AM IN

  25. Anon 26.05.19

    This looks HORRIBLE......

  26. Anon 26.05.19

    They are not going to miss the otakus assholes saying that I copy to Tokyo goul xp

  27. Anon 26.05.19

    It's Sim-Be-Yoat, not Sim-By-Yoat

  28. Anon 26.05.19

    Tom harderrrr yesssssss

  29. Anon 26.05.19

    Im so hyped ߘ

  30. Anon 26.05.19

    I was still holding on to a little hope that the Amazing Spider-man would come back... but my hope is lost now.

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