Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes

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  1. Anon 26.05.19

    Tom Holland\nTom Hiddleston\nTom Hardy\n\n\nMarvel need Tom Felton to complete they're collectionߘߘ

  2. Anon 26.05.19

    This reminds of The Darkness video game or am I imagining that?

  3. Anon 26.05.19

    Okay i felt nothing until that last part

  4. Anon 26.05.19

    0:55 she doesn't just suck, she's the WORST!

  5. Anon 26.05.19

    Not sure how i feel about the cgi

  6. Anon 26.05.19

    Hold the phone. Is this gonna be added to the MCU? If Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes had never met spiderman yet then why does the costume resemble spiderman already? So many questions

  7. Anon 26.05.19

    Hmm...Alex Mercer anyone?\nPrototype?

  8. Anon 26.05.19

    He starts off as as a villain, not an antihero... Marvel's first DC character.

  9. Anon 26.05.19

    Looking good, but slightly concerned that we're not going to see a lot of Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes is this Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes movie.

  10. Anon 26.05.19

    Doesn't look as awful as before.\nEverything about this movie makes me think it will be like a 6/10.

  11. Anon 26.05.19

    I wish they could make Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes part of the MCU and have appear in the next spider man

  12. Anon 26.05.19

    the we are Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes phrase is so dramatic this is going to be the best movie I cant wait to see

  13. Anon 26.05.19

    Good actor, worst cgi. Tráiler sucks

  14. Anon 26.05.19

    Finally Sony came out with a trailer that does not suck!!!!

  15. Anon 26.05.19

    Growing up, Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes was always my fav villan/anti-hero. So looking forward to this movie!

  16. Anon 26.05.19

    The only thing I didn’t like about this trailer was how that lady pronounced symbiote

  17. Anon 26.05.19

    I wasn't too sure how I felt about this being (seemingly) separate from the Spider-Man films. Now, I'm fully behind it. This can absolutely stand on it's own, and it already sets up plenty of hype for the eventual meeting of the characters in a future movie. As for diverging from the origin...eh, it's another universe. This is an alternate origin story.

  18. Anon 26.05.19

    Now THAT is a movie trailer that makes me wanna see it, it is EXACTLY how Spider-Man would come around as a person and as the monster would have it

  19. Anon 26.05.19

    What teaser trailer?

  20. Anon 26.05.19

    I love Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes but I really really don’t think he deserves a movie but hey that’s just me ,every since Spider-Man 3 I’ve always felt sandman deserves a movie

  21. Anon 26.05.19

    Its so good to see. My childhood days, up on the bigscreen.

  22. Anon 26.05.19

    More like prototype trailer, LOL

  23. Anon 26.05.19

    Prototype the movie

  24. Anon 26.05.19

    \"That's awesome duude.\"

  25. Anon 26.05.19

    My mind is blown away like a firecracker

  26. Anon 26.05.19


  27. Anon 26.05.19


  28. Anon 26.05.19

    I prefer when he was just black spider man lol

  29. Anon 26.05.19

    :( I was hoping for something completely different but this still feels like its produced by the same people who made all those failed Spiderman movies.

  30. Anon 26.05.19

    Iam not gana lie Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes looks badass

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