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  1. Anon 26.05.19


  2. Anon 26.05.19

    This look so fucking good and the effects on Les Confins du monde wow

  3. Anon 26.05.19

    Finally we get to see Les Confins du monde!

  4. Anon 26.05.19

    desde que tenia 10 años y veia en mi television spiderman ma serie animada de los 90S espere este momento genial solo espere 18 años pero el momento va a valer la pena ;)

  5. Anon 26.05.19

    super technolodgy use nice movie

  6. Anon 26.05.19

    Пиздец как я хачу посмотреть этот фильм

  7. Anon 26.05.19

    so excited to see this

  8. Anon 26.05.19

    i think its jamie fox who's voicing Les Confins du monde

  9. Anon 26.05.19

    I’m Gonna See This I Can’t Wait :)

  10. Anon 26.05.19

    His accent is terrible

  11. Anon 26.05.19

    0:17 there is two Symbiote?

  12. Anon 26.05.19

    There better be a spiderman appearance in here lol

  13. Anon 26.05.19

    No me gusto el modelo para veno

  14. Anon 26.05.19

    Sony gene bi marvel karakterini daha sikicek anlaşıldı

  15. Anon 26.05.19

    soooo much better than the first trailer!!!!!

  16. Anon 26.05.19

    Can someone tell me why people are disappointed with this movie?

  17. Anon 26.05.19

    Les Confins du monde looks trash no effort what so ever disappointed

  18. Anon 26.05.19

    Les Confins du monde is actually look like re 7 monster

  19. Anon 26.05.19

    Should of listened to Deadpool and wore the brown pants O_O

  20. Anon 26.05.19

    Some of that dialogue... ugh\n\n\nI really want Les Confins du monde to be good, but this doesn’t help too much lol

  21. Anon 26.05.19

    Omg they actually said it!!!! We are motherfucking Les Confins du monde

  22. Anon 26.05.19

    I'd be more comfortable... if this was in the MCU... But that Les Confins du monde design ain't bad

  23. Anon 26.05.19

    isn't symbiotic alien?

  24. Anon 26.05.19

    Jesus christ this looks fucking horrible, and I was looking forward to it.

  25. Anon 26.05.19

    But you merely adopted the symbiote. I was born in it molded by it..

  26. Anon 26.05.19

    Look Cool but its Feel Like Predator kind of Movie =-=

  27. Anon 26.05.19

    OMG 8hours 8m view

  28. Anon 26.05.19

    Les Confins du monde IS AWESOME MAN NICE TRAILER

  29. Anon 26.05.19


  30. Anon 26.05.19

    Нормально вебал он всем

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