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  1. Anon 27.05.19

    What kind of Jackie Estacado is that?

  2. Anon 27.05.19

    I'm speaking to the Justice League of America\nThe US of A\nHey, you\nYes, you in particular\nWhen it comes to the judgement day, and you're standing at the gates in your weaponry\nYou dead go down on one knee, clasp your hands in prayer and start quoting me\n'Cause we say\n'Cause we say\nOur father we've managed to contain the epidemic in one place, now\nLet's hope they shoot themselves instead of others, help to civilize the race now\nWe've trapped the cause of the plague in the land of the free and the home of the brave\nIf we listen quietly you can hear them shooting from grave to grave

  3. Anon 27.05.19


  4. Anon 27.05.19

    Little did Bane know that after getting defeated by the Batman he'll become the Leto!

  5. Anon 27.05.19

    Amazing so f......in amazing

  6. Anon 27.05.19

    Looks like a netflix movie. Leto has a rubber suit look and the dialogue is weak. Pass for me.

  7. Anon 27.05.19


  8. Anon 27.05.19

    El enemigo del hombre araña tiene su propia película

  9. Anon 27.05.19

    Well,seems like it's gonna be crappy

  10. Anon 27.05.19

    Pls like this Comment than i can Play fortnite again

  11. Anon 27.05.19

    1 em alta no brasil

  12. Anon 27.05.19

    Hate how she says “symbiote”...

  13. Anon 27.05.19

    Que top

  14. Anon 27.05.19

    Not trending in America! Heyo!

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  17. Anon 27.05.19

    Oh great another superhero movie ZzzzzzZzz ffs

  18. Anon 27.05.19

    This will be lost in the comments anyway but: \n\n\n\n\nSony should try a Prototype movie

  19. Anon 27.05.19

    \"Sim-BE-ote\" not Sim-BYE-ote\"

  20. Anon 27.05.19

    We Are Leto!!!!!

  21. Anon 27.05.19

    mza aa gya benchooo ߘߘߘߘߘ

  22. Anon 27.05.19

    #1 Trending in Australia!!!

  23. Anon 27.05.19

    #5 in India

  24. Anon 27.05.19

    is he 'in this film' a hero or a villain??

  25. Anon 27.05.19

    Watching how awesome this is just makes me want this to be more and more property of the MCU.

  26. Anon 27.05.19

    Spider-man ain’t ready for all that! He better get his strength up

  27. Anon 27.05.19

    Se ve increíble ߘߘ.

  28. Anon 27.05.19


  29. Anon 27.05.19

    #1 trending in Australia!!

  30. Anon 27.05.19


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