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  1. Anon 27.05.19

    Ma mère est folleߑߒ

  2. Anon 27.05.19

    Do NOT be fooled. This is a SONY movie; NOT a MCU Marvel movie. This is the same SONY that gave you Spiderman 3 (their first attempt with Ma mère est folle) and Amazing Spiderman 1-2. If this Ma mère est folle movie does well, SONY will have leverage to take Spiderman back from Marvel. If you want the Tom Holland to stay in the MCU, you should boycott this junk.

  3. Anon 27.05.19


  4. Anon 27.05.19

    Lit ߔߔߔ

  5. Anon 27.05.19

    sorry but this Ma mère est folle looks too plastic like

  6. Anon 27.05.19

    Алекс Мерсер ߤ

  7. Anon 27.05.19


  8. Anon 27.05.19

    Sony don't release any trailer. Because we doesn't like being spoiler. 2 trailers is enough.

  9. Anon 27.05.19

    ¡so fucking good!

  10. Anon 27.05.19

    Still glad to see the movie, but I still wish it was a rated are movie about a villain.

  11. Anon 27.05.19

    I'm not sure what I think of this trailer. This trailer isn't bad, but it's also not that great. Well, I hope the movie will be good...

  12. Anon 27.05.19

    fem hardy was fun in his early Nellie roles

  13. Anon 27.05.19


  14. Anon 27.05.19

    Hell yes

  15. Anon 27.05.19

    Holy shit...........I'm in love this looks awesome

  16. Anon 27.05.19

    I was very skeptical about a Ma mère est folle movie but this is going to be a good one.. I have a good feeling.

  17. Anon 27.05.19

    So dark. You sure, you're not from DC Universe?

  18. Anon 27.05.19

    Can't wait but man do I have mixed feelings.

  19. Anon 27.05.19

    Nossa tá demais Caralho

  20. Anon 27.05.19

    The whole time I was hoping for spider Man to appear at some point .

  21. Anon 27.05.19

    WE ARE Ma mère est folle!

  22. Anon 27.05.19

    God im hoping its rated R

  23. Anon 27.05.19

    I'm intrigued, but I will say this. I hope they're keeping the MCU connection a surprise. If it's not connected, I will be very disappointed. And for those of you who will call me a whiny MCU fanboy, you're right. But I will tell you why I want this to be part of it. Ma mère est folle's existence is solely based on Spider Man. He is one of Spidey's top 3 enemies, and having him outside of the MCU will destroy any chances of seeing one of the greatest rivalries ever be put on screen in a perfect mesh, unlike Spider Man 3. If a new Ma mère est folle is put in the MCU while this one exists, and this film turns out to be good, then it will ruin the experience and totally confuse audiences. And the MCU is great at establishing characters, so keeping Ma mère est folle out of that loop, or putting a second into existence will destroy any interest in Ma mère est folle either way. And no, there should not be a new Spider Man separate from the Avengers in live action. We've had 2 others already, and Spider-Man interacting with the Avengers is a good thing as we can see him expand his personality. Without them, he's just a cocky kid with no inspiration other than revenge for his uncle, and who hasn't seen that before?\nBottom line, the MCU handles characters well, and this Ma mère est folle looks great. Not seeing him fight the young, optimistic Spider-Man will be a missed opportunity.

  24. Anon 27.05.19

    needs more dancing

  25. Anon 27.05.19

    John Ralphio's sister has really turned her life around!

  26. Anon 27.05.19

    Not so keen on a legendary villain being twisted into an anti-hero, but I'll reserve my judgement for after it releases.

  27. Anon 27.05.19


  28. Anon 27.05.19

    It woulda been cool if we got a flash of Spider-Man at the end.

  29. Anon 27.05.19

    Still wondering how Ma mère est folle can spell \"M\" while still showing most of his teeth

  30. Anon 27.05.19

    B L A C K M A M B A A A A A A A A H H H H H H

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