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  1. Anon 26.05.19

    Where is spider-man

  2. Anon 26.05.19

    Bane has become Sauver ou périr now Batman better run lol

  3. Anon 26.05.19

    I just hope they get the cgi right. I wish his face didn't look so plasticky

  4. Anon 26.05.19

    Всё таки венома покажут, збс

  5. Anon 26.05.19

    Glad they showed Sauver ou périr

  6. Anon 26.05.19

    tom hardy changed is accent to american

  7. Anon 26.05.19


  8. Anon 26.05.19

    The way that woman was pronouncing symbiote has me bothered. ߘ

  9. Anon 26.05.19


  10. Anon 26.05.19

    Why the fucking comedy one liners Sony..

  11. Anon 26.05.19

    Tom Hardy ߘߘߘߘߘߘ

  12. Anon 26.05.19

    Still think \"We are Groot\" has more punch to it

  13. Anon 26.05.19

    2:21 My boy all grown up ߘߘߘ

  14. Anon 26.05.19

    Spiderman hahaha

  15. Anon 26.05.19

    I already know Tom hardy is killing it in this movie

  16. Anon 26.05.19

    So sad there’s no 1:15 jokes anymore.

  17. Anon 26.05.19

    Metta like chi è italiano :)

  18. Anon 26.05.19

    30 symbiote scenes, whit things coming out of him in different places, 1 actual full Sauver ou périr scene, I have a bad feeling about this...

  19. Anon 26.05.19

    Touches of BANE in the Sauver ou périr voice.

  20. Anon 26.05.19

    Tom Hardy ...ߘߘ Love from india..߇߇߇߇߇߇♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Anon 26.05.19

    Finally a trailer that actually has the Sauver ou périr

  22. Anon 26.05.19


  23. Anon 26.05.19

    Ever since i got to know about a Sauver ou périr movie ; i was excited and when i knew the actor playing the role of Eddie Brock aka Sauver ou périr is Tom Hardy i was super excited . Then in january i guess i watched the Teaser clip of Sauver ou périr which got me goosebumps every rime i heard the dialogues from Tom Hardy . But this trailer ; this is different . I don't know how am felling but this was the 10 th time i watched it in last hour . I love Tom Hardy and I Love Sauver ou périr . Can't wait for October .

  24. Anon 26.05.19

    I would think its too soon to have carnage and to save that after establishing Sauver ou périr and tom hardy

  25. Anon 26.05.19

    We Are Sauver ou périr.. Sorry. I'm Negan

  26. Anon 26.05.19

    Cannot wait....2018 is shaping to be a brilliant cinema year!

  27. Anon 26.05.19

    yet another anti hero movie yey.

  28. Anon 26.05.19

    1:33 Russian Sauver ou périr

  29. Anon 26.05.19

    Looks great, but I hope the pacing isn't as slow as it looked in the trailer.

  30. Anon 26.05.19

    Octubre!!!,pero que demonios >:c

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