Bohemian Rhapsody voir film

Bohemian Rhapsody retrace le destin extraordinaire du groupe Queen et de leur chanteur emblématique Freddie Mercury, qui a défié les stéréotypes, brisé les conventions et révolutionné la musique. Du succès fulgurant de Freddie Mercury à ses excès, risquant la quasi-implosion du groupe, jusqu’à son retour triomphal sur scène lors du concert Live Aid, alors qu’il était frappé par la maladie, découvrez la vie exceptionnelle d’un homme qui continue d’inspirer les outsiders, les rêveurs et tous ceux qui aiment la musique.


  1. Anon 12.12.18

    I don’t know man, I just don’t know.

  2. Anon 12.12.18

    I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was evilߤeh still looks like a good movieߘ

  3. Anon 12.12.18

    I wasn’t going to watch the trailer because I didn’t think I would be interested but now I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

  4. Anon 12.12.18


  5. Anon 12.12.18

    Not gonna lie, I had really high hopes for this. To me this doesn’t look that great and Tom Hardy with an American accent feels a little unsettling. Even Bohemian Rhapsody himself looks to much like a cartoon.

  6. Anon 12.12.18

    \"Sim bye oats\" God dammit

  7. Anon 12.12.18

    marvel dia marvel mañana marvel toda la semana

  8. Anon 12.12.18

    What about a scene with Deadpool and Bohemian Rhapsody?

  9. Anon 12.12.18

    Carnage is gonna be in this movie!

  10. Anon 12.12.18

    At 1:38 he uses his black thing through his back but at 1:42 there is no hole

  11. Anon 12.12.18

    I really wish they had the secret wars storyline, but whatever.

  12. Anon 12.12.18

    Imagine a dog loving the bath

  13. Anon 12.12.18

    We are Tom Hardy

  14. Anon 12.12.18

    they should add peter's dad as carnage

  15. Anon 12.12.18

    This looks like garbage. Effects are cool though.

  16. Anon 12.12.18

    DUde they introduce it as a horror - niiiiice!

  17. Anon 12.12.18

    2 things I need in here:\n1)Carnage(at least a cameo)\n2)The big muscle-y hulk looking Bohemian Rhapsody from the cartoon

  18. Anon 12.12.18

    Is Bohemian Rhapsody is good or bad ߘ

  19. Anon 12.12.18

    hopefully we get another dance scene like in spider-man 3

  20. Anon 12.12.18

    OMFG I want to see it right now! 0

  21. Anon 12.12.18

    Es una mierda

  22. Anon 12.12.18

    Bohemian Rhapsody in a tom hardy movie?

  23. Anon 12.12.18

    El 90% de las personas vienen por los memes xD

  24. Anon 12.12.18


  25. Anon 12.12.18

    Way h that be the only action in it

  26. Anon 12.12.18

    We are Thanos

  27. Anon 12.12.18

    1 Day and it is 35 Million views ???? WoW

  28. Anon 12.12.18

    OMFG!!!!!!!! I just used all the tissues in the room.

  29. Anon 12.12.18

    Well, I'll definitely pass this one by. I've never been a fan of putting evil on a pedestal.

  30. Anon 12.12.18

    ini spiderman?

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